Monday, 24 August 2015

Private Islands, featuring the Philippines and El Nido Resorts

Earlier this year, we at Philippine Trails were pleased to be asked to organise a trip to the Philippines, for AWE Cable TV's programme, "Private Islands", and for its producer and presenter, Christina Cindrich, plus film crew, to include several destinations, and importantly, luxury islands that we would recommend.

Lucy McFadden, who planned the itinerary, flew out to help with the arrangements, and to be on hand for interviews that would feature in the programme.

The itinerary we devised first took in Bicol, featuring the Mt Mayon Volcano, and the effects it has had on the surrounding community over the centuries, and then the seaside town of Donsol, now world-famous for its whale sharks.

Moving on we took Christina to El Nido, where she was introduced to two luxury island resorts - Lagen Island Resort, and Pangulasian Island Resort. We knew that Christina would be looked after by the staff at these resorts, and they didn't let anybody down. In fact Christina, at the time,  declared she was "In awe of Lagen Island! (Sold after ceviche & wine!)", adding "Pretty perfect here in many ways!" Pangulasian Island impressed her even further.

This week the show was first aired, and we've just had a chance to watch it. We have to say the result is quite spectacular, and a great advertisement for Philippines tourism. The camera work itself is excellent, and Christina's narrative well composed and delivered.

The show will air on Cable TV many times over the next couple of years, so if you get a chance to see it, we hope you take it. Our Lucy features quite regularly throughout, and we have to say, at Philippine Trails, we're very proud of her! 

Many thanks to Christina Cindrich, her camera man, Anthony DiMaria, Jessica Wong at Donsol Eco-Tours, and all the staff at El Nido Luxury Resorts.